Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara

Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Welcome to LAHARI



Every human being born wants to strive for excellence. Right from childhood, he sets his aim at small or big targets. When he is a crawling baby, he wants to walk like adults. When he starts to walk, he wants to run. When he runs and sees another small baby, he again wants to crawl. During school days, he wants to be in college, when in college, he wants to see money. When he gets a job and money, he wants to get married. When he gets married, he begets children. When he gets children, he runs like a horse to feed his family and to settle well in his evening years.When he enters his evening years, he wishes he were a child again - carefree and happy without any tension. So, life is a cycle- a vicious circle of births and deaths often running to several thousands

Not so often do we realize that all this will end one day. And it all starts over again, our childhood, our passions, our emotions, our behavior  Why is this repetitive? Can't it all get over in one birth. NO. Our births are dependent on what we have done in our past several births which is commonly referred to as "Karma". We incur this Karma for every act we do and for every thought we think assuming that we are the sole doer. So, is there no end to this cycle of births and deaths?? Is this cycle a perennial - never ending??

Well...There is a silver lining. If we totally surrender to the Lord's feet, then HE alone will redeem us from this samsaram. We have to develop an unconditional love to the Lord - A true love that a mother shows to her child. In order to develop this bhakti, we need to know HIM, HIS nature, HIS stories, HIS leelas, HIS power, HIS love, listen to his greatness from Acharyas and his Bhaktas and sing HIS praise. Hindu religion is abundant with slokas, sthothras and chants which extol HIS greatness. Constant chanting arises in us inner peace and bhakti and makes one feel the all-pervasive existence in every creation. 

The LAHARI CULTURAL LEARNING for the past 8+ years has been primarily doing this work - teaching and promoting Hindu sloka chanting. Though it is restricted to a small area in R T Nagar, at Bangalore, it has made a immense impact on many young minds through its dedicated teaching, regular classes, value based mythological stories and other activities.. We would definitely like this initiative to reach far and wide throughout the world. This has motivated us to develop an Mobile application that enables people  to have a feel of a face to face learning experience. This comes with several novel ideas generated out of our teaching experiences all these years. (check out app details at  )

So, we request all to take this advantage and learn the slokas. If learners want to learn any specific sloka, you can mail us at aum.lahariguru@gmail.com. There is a miminum charge levied to learn these slokas. The money collected will go as donation to those institutions which promote our rich vedic culture.


  1. Both my girls have been learning Shlokas from Vasudha for the last several years. It all started with Nama Ramayanam, the story of Rama in the form a song. They have learnt the the Gita Dhyana Sholkas, twelfth Chapter of the Bhagawad Gita, Bilvashtakam, Hanuman Chalisa, Shiva Manasa Puja, Ganaga Stotram and now the Vishnusahasra namam. Wow, I can't thank Vasudha enough for doing this despite working full time. My kids have had their ups and downs. 20 minutes of play time gone for 2 days, but over the last year they've really started enjoying the class. They can't wait for the story time during class. Shloka chanting and the mythological stories connects them with our roots despite living in this modern world filled with gadgets.

    Vasudha, you've really touched our lives. May god give you the strength to continue teaching for many more years and enrich the life of young children.

  2. My journey with Lahari cultural learning started in last october.My son has learnt a few small shlokas. As adults we tend to run behind so many things without having time to think of god at least when we make our kids practice shlokas we will also chant and benefited out of it.

    I really appreciate the spiritual stories that you tell at the end of the class which teaches kids the value of life in a beautiful and simple way. Keep up the good work.Thanks a lot.