Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara

Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara

Monday, February 11, 2013

VSN Chanting Competition

Teaching is a very noble profession. Specially, when it comes to teaching children slokas, culture  story narration  it has its own flavor and vibration irrespective of who or how it is said. And as a teacher, Yesterday (10th feb,2013) was very memorable to me. Why? I was giving to my children something in return for what they have given me. And what have they given me..a great great opportunity to teach them slokas. If not for them, I wouldn't be teaching. So, a big thanks to all parents and children.

The gathering was a small one with around 25 people assembled in the club house, White House. 11 bubbling children busy with the last minute preparation, tense and nervous. In a way, I was happy that children have taken this small competition so seriously and with great commitment. We had some senior citizens invited for this event. Just like having elders at home is a great morale boost to youngsters, having such spiritual veterans also is a big boost to us.

And to top it all, we had with us Mrs. Shanta Vishwanathan who agreed to be the judge and chief guest for the event. She is a very busy lady at a ripe age of  almost 65 (or 70)..Active with her classes, upanyasams, pooja. I admire such people who throw a challenge to the old age. Time and again they prove that they are young at heart and always willing to learn. Shanta maami definitely is one in this list.

We started off with netra and group chanting the ganesha pancha ratnam.

Shrihari was the youngest one to chant the vishnu sahasranama as small as 4 years. A spontaneous chant with no hesitation marked a good beginning.

Then came Vishnu with his eloquent, confident and bhava field chanting. Followed by other children aadya, ahana, Netra, ishita, shwethali, sukitha, shriram, siyani, shalini. All of them drew an awe and admiration from the audience. It was a treat to watch these kids chant the difficult dhyana slokam with so much ease. hats off to u children.

Maami gave a short speech about the phala stuti of chanting vishnu sahasranamam. As usual, it was a treat to listen to her.

We then had the prize distribution and some tea and snacks. Thanks to chitra for a lovely tea and ofcourse the maha periva's photo which was so apt to the occasion, sujatha for the lamps, accessories.

This event was well received and has now encouraged me to do more for these kids. Keep watching !!!


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