Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara

Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bindi - Today's GENX evading Aabharan

Do you like a Flat ,Plain Forehead

Bindi - A beautiful colored decoration to your forehead. Kept in between the eyebrows, this adds beauty, grace and is a must for every girl who is born as a HINDU. Why do we wear bindhis? 

The center point of the eyebrows is called the spiritual eye. It is called as the "aagnya chakra" or the seat of concealed wisdom. The latent energy we have in us constantly flows out of us when we do not wear a bindi. A pottu or a bindi conceals this and preserves this energy. It adds to the beauty and charm of a girl.

For the past few years , maybe , a decade, the trend is that most of the women - be it middle aged ladies or children fail to sport this colourful and beautiful decoration on their forehead. IS it that they find it old fashioned and superstitious. The lack of bindi on the forehead definitely gives an unlucky look. What is it that influences them so wrongly?

What to talk about children when mothers themselves don't bother to wear one. What makes moms not to wear a bindi? While their mothers or mothers-in-law have one, why has the habit been left off?. Where was the beginning and how did this practice of a blank forehead begin? Is it fashion? Is this forward thinking?"Definitely Not"... It is a neglect of our culture, a sheer indifference to what our elders say and an I-know-it-all attitude.

I wonder where did all this start?. We see foreigners loving to wear a bindi and respect our culture. Why do we underestimate our culture? When Christians and Muslims can be so adherent to their practices, why is it that we Hindus are so casual about our culture and practices. 

Hinduism is such a liberal religion. It gives you freedom to pray at whatever time you want, whichever God you want, whatever posture you wish.Unlike other religions, though rules are laid down, there is always a free will. Probably the biggest mistake our elders laid down to us - free will.

Is NOT wearing a bindi in any way showing that we are mentally progressing? Does this in anyway indicate that we have a scientific bent of mind? Is there one reason to prove that this is not needed? Or does it in any way increase the beauty and grace of a female? Why do we ape the west so blindly? What is that one authentic reasoning that we do not respect our culture. Are we so egoistic to accept its greatness? Do we regard our elders as just a bunch of idiots who had all the free time that they laid these rules?

Let us not deceive ourselves in the name of women liberation. This, in no way proves, that we are getting true freedom. True freedom must come from within. We don't get liberated by just changing the way we look.

We find ourselves more weaker in health or mental state than the elderly women at home. They have had more will power, more inward strength and physical fitness. This surely is one of the reasons. Finding it silly? All failure can't give you direct answers. Neither will GOD come in front of us and tell us why we suffer. That is the reason we have the vedas and shastras to guide us. When we neglect them, it takes a toll on our well being. We have to truly introspect and find answers.

If any person who doesn't wear a bindi can reason out why they do so, it would be truly good. And if we can find a sensible answer for not wearing a pottu, then we can surely question our dharma shastras and get answers.

Rules are laid for our own welfare. They are to be practiced for longevity, good health, prosperity and success in all that we do. We need to understand this. Rules practiced will definitely give positive results. There is no harm in taking a bindi and keeping in your forehead. If it is not in our practice  we have to get it to into practice. When we spend hours and days to achieve some result, we have to take small effort in keeping reminders for this too. It is NOT insignificant. We are sending wrong signals to our children  We are setting a bad example for generations to come. The results will not be visible immediately but will show in succeeding off-springs.

So, before it is too late and we find answers of why things go wrong with us, let us appreciate and respect out elders and their suggestions. Wear bindi and look beautiful not only from outside but from the inside too



  1. People who wear jeans - do not use this ornament - as it does not work blend with the culture as it portrays western dress mode.

  2. Dear Vasu, while I agree with the intent behind your blog, I do not completely agree with the thoughts expressed.

    In this age and time of evolution, with our culture spreading to other geographies and our people migrating to other locations for career and other reasons, I feel we need to be less rigid about religious practices. While this may be perceived as dilution of the religion by some, for others this flexibility may allow better adherence to the core beliefs of our religion and its basic tenants. Speaking for myself and my family, we are not in India, and I work hard to ensure my children have a healthy respect for our religion, a pride about our beliefs and a conviction in the beauty of the core learnings to be derived from the religion. When many of us work 10-12 hours a day, doing things the traditional way may not be possible any more – for example, I recite the Vishnu Sahasranaama on my way to work, when I am driving my car to office – while my grandmother/mother would recite it sitting in the Pooja room at home. While that is probably ideal, and the most spiritual place to pray, this is what works for me with my current schedule and allows me to practice some of the rituals associated with my faith.

    The point I am trying to make here is that flexibility is important for our children to be able to embrace the rituals and core beliefs of any religion. This is especially so because our children are exposed to a variety of inputs, a myriad of sources of information and need to believe strongly in something to practice it and carry it on. Just binding them in a bunch of practices because our elders practiced it decades ago may not be the best way to inculcate the faith and belief in them, in such a way that they can carry it on to their future generations. So, for me personally, I’d rather my daughter and son believed in God and derived strength from praying, had a conviction that there was an almighty power they could turn to in times of need and drive strength from, than fret about making sure they wore a bindhi or bottu ! Some may say it is “convenience”, but like we all do at every step our lives, I am prioritizing the core beliefs over some other in my opinion tangential ones – and I mean absolutely no disrespect to our culture of the beliefs associated with it.

  3. What you wear as a dress is not our concern. Be it saree or salwar or whatever, you have toweara bindi. Our shastras have no exception for jeans. That jeans itself is not our ethnic wear is another important point. Though this is on the same platoform as the current discussion, , we can take it up as a different thread. The stress here in on a bindi on your forehead. It doesn't matter whether you wear jeans or anything else. Again, whether it goes along with culture? that is western culture not Indian...:)

  4. Well anu, I am happy that you are bringing up your kids the way they have to be. Thats nice to hear. No one is asking anyone to force children or yourself. Children these days are very inquisitive and curious. It is our responsibility to explain to them why we what what we do. I am sure if they are convinced, they will follow. Even though we cross boundaries and are exposed to different culture. we must not leave our practices. Just like how you emphasize that your kids learn Vishnu sahasranama and they have learnt, these are small things which you can bring to practise. I am sure wearing a bindi doesnt require much effort.

    For example, in those days, girls and ladies were made to sit aloof when they had their periods. This is almost impossible now. But small things like bindi are very much possible by giving the right explanation. As I said, we must first convince ourselves. Praying GOD is one aspect ..that everyone do. Following his instructions is another. And again, we are given the free will. Use your will according to what you fell and reap the benefits.

    And it is not that because we do something and are convinced ourselves, it becomes right. Right is what shastras have told "DO", and wrong is what shastras have told "DONT DO".

    I also do so many things which are against shastras. But that doesnt mean that what I do is right. I am also doing wrong and will surely reap the benefits. SO, let us not have an "it is OK" attitude.