Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara

Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Best recipe for any food

The Divine recipe 

We, as Indian Women, find great pleasure in cooking. Even tough we talk of women's liberation, freedom, cooking is something which is dear to a women's heart. In spite of their high flying careers and commitment, they cook for their family and derive a great sense of satisfaction.

Things might have changed for a few or many. But I am talking about majority Indians where the wife makes breakfast, dinner , lunch for the family. She may be a CEO of the company, still cooking for her husband and children is very close to her heart. Special recipes, special dishes like vada payasam during festivals, special snacks for kids are some of the opportunities she explores to display her culinary skills witht he outcome bringing a load of appreciation and satisfaction.

Why is it that when we eat outside, we restrict ourselves to only one dosa. When we go to a resort for 4 days, thinking that we need a break, we surely get bored of the food. We long for the home food. For men whose job involves a lot of travel, get bored of hotel food and crave for home food even if it is simple rasam and curd. But on the contrary, we hardly get bored of home food. Even if it is the same rasam, sambar, chapatis everyday, we tend to relish and long for the same the next day. Why is this so.? The food made at home not only has spices, salt, and dal but a lot of affection and love. A lot of interest by the home minister, the mother, with keenly searched recipes does her work with 100% dedication and commitment. And the outcome is a whole lot of aahs..and wow..by children and husband. This gives an encouragement and further motivates her. 

To make things better, I would like to propose a recipe. This recipe will go with any dish, will make it more tastier and return more happiness. And that is chanting while cooking. This will not only increase the taste of the food but the purity and holiness of what we eat. The vibrations that come out of the chant is a mixture of love along with devotion. These vibration will give good health and happiness to those who eat. 

It will be good if she chants it loudly. This is because, the chant will be heard by inmates and they too will be drawn into the track. We must offer the food cooked to the Lord and thank him for the day's food. After all,every grain eaten is HIS gift and we must not forget or overlook this aspect. Also, we must get our children into the habit of offering a small prayer before eating like "krishna arpaanam" (All belongs to krishna) so that the food is purified. Some may argue if the food is really purified, will we be free from diseases. Well, what we suffer is due to our karma. By doing this, we will accrue good karma and at least avoid suffering in future. After all, 

Even, when we go out for a treat, we must offer it to god. We don't know the state of mind of chef who cooks in a hotel. He would do it as a mundane job or with some grudge or with enthusiasm. Whatever be the emotions of the chef, the vibrations will surely affect us emotionally and physically. It is therefore not good to eat food outside. Even from the point of view of hygiene, our elders (shastras) don't advise us to eat outside food. But this is practically impossible these days. Our lifestyle has changed so much that it may be difficult to bring this into practice. So, at least, when we eat outside, let us offer it to god so that we can nullify the negative vibrations that has gone in. It will not only purify our food, but also our thoughts and mind. Let us keep this mind and make a conscious effort.



  1. What about those who have people who cant cook at home. Some people cannot cook due to one or the other reason and therefore others rely on outside food.

  2. Can you give me examples of where people cannot cook shashi?. In case they are not able to cook for valid reasons, then as I have indicated, before starting to eat, they must at least offer a thanksgiving to the Lord. This, in the least , everyone can do. But this cannot be taken as an excuse for not cooking and having outside food. Every rule has an exception and the exception must be valid.