Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara

Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara

Friday, May 24, 2013

My Grandma's Stories!!

My Grandma's Stories !!!

Both my grandmothers were treasure house of mythological stories and spiritual reasoning. My paternal grandmother stayed with us for quite a few years after my grandfather's death. This was a boon to us. She would narrate many stories that we don't get to read in books or hear from others. I shall narrate two stories to you in this post.

First Story: 
Do you know how Gandhari, wife of Dhritarashtra gave birth to a hundred sons? 

When Kunti, wife of Pandu gave birth to Yudhistra, Gandhari felt bad. Being the elder daughter-in-law and having being pregnant for two years, she had not yet delivered. So, in frustration, she hit her womb so hard that she gave birth to a mass of flesh.

Sage Vyasa who happened to be there, filled 101 pots with ghee. Since she wanted a girl child too, he cut the flesh into 101 pieces and put each piece into the pot. In due course, the jars broke and out came 101 children - 100 boys and one girl. They were called as Kauravas since they were born in the Kuru race.
The eldest one was named as Duryodhana. Unfortunately, when he was born, donkeys began to cry, jackals began to howl.There were evil omens around. Sage Vyasa warned this to Gandhari and told her to kill all the sons since she would only have suffering because of these children But the veil of affection overshadowed her and she refused to kill the children. During her resting period, a child was born to dhritharashtra and another lady in the palace. This son was named Yuyutsu., During the Kurukshetra war, it was Yuyutsu who moved form the Kaurava camp to the Pandava camp and supported to Pandavas.

Second story:

2. Karna wanted to learn archery  and master this art. When he approached Drona for the same, he was turned away citing his caste as the reason. Karna in an urge to equal Arjuna in this art, approached Parashurama. Now, Prarashurama was a brahmin and hated kshatriyas. Though a Brahmin, he has mastered the tactics of warfare. His aim was to vanquish Kshatriyas from the face of the earth. Karna in order to become a disciple of Parashurama, lied to him saying that he was a brahmin, Parashurama accepted Karna and taught him the archery skills. Karna became a favourite student of Parashurama. One day, while Parashurama was lying on the lap of karna, a bee came around and disturbed Karna. Karna did not want to wake his guru. He tried to avoid the bee., The bee stung him. He was in great pain. But he didn't move lest he would disturb his guru's sleep. As drops of blood fell on Parashurama. He woke up and was aghast to see the sight. He was very angry with karna and asked him his true identity. A brahmin would never be able to withstand pain. So he doubted Karna to be a Kshatriya (The actual truth). karna then asked for pardon and told him that he was a son of a charioteer (he himeslf did not know his origin). Parashurama was again enraged at a second lie and cursed Karna that he would forget all his master skills when he needed them the most.So, Karna though equal to Arjuna in archery could never get the name and fame that Arjuna got. Two reasons: First, the series of curses he got from may people. Second: the fact that he supported Adharma. No matter how great you are, if you support Adharma, you are bound to lose and get infamy. 

Hope you all enjoyed it

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