Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara

Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara

Friday, June 21, 2013

Rama and Krishna - Get your facts right!!!

Get your facts right About Rama and Krishna

A famous accusation on Lord Rama is that he killed Vali from behind. 
1. What right did Rama have to kill Vali when he did not have any enemity with him?
2. Why did he kill Vali in hiding?
3. Why did Rama kill Vali when the latter was fighting with someone else?.

These questions were posed by Vali himself to Rama for which Rama gave justifications.

Vali chased Sugreeva from Kinshkinda without even hearing to his brother's justifications. As a king, he must have listened to what Sugriva said. Sugriva was ready to hand over the kingdom but Vali was not ready to even listen to what Sugreeva had to say. Moreover, he had abducted Sugreeva's wife Rumaa, and had kept her in captivity. According to dharma, Sugreeva's wife was like a daughter to Vali and it is a grave sin to treat his brother's wife is a derogatory way.

2. Rama belonged to the Ikshvaku race. And, Kishkinda came under the preview of his administration. As a responsible kshatriya and an elated member of the race, he had every right to punish a person who was  not performing his duties and to one who was not in the path of Dharma. 

3. Vali was a monkey. In those days, kings went for hunting and killed animals in hiding. Vali was a monkey and his death could be taken as Rama hunting for animals in the forest.  

Another reason I have heard from one of the upanyasams is that Vali always wore a chain given to him by Indra. According to a legend, anyone wearing this chain would have immense strength. and with whomsoever he fought, he would get half the power of the opposing party. In other words, the strength of the opposing party would reduce by half. . If Rama had come in front of Vali and had fought,  Rama's powers being infinite, would not have been reduced to half. Which means  1/2 of infinity which is infinity again. This does not amount to Rama's powers getting reduced. Hence, the boon would have been a false one. To keep up the sanctity of the boon, Rama shot Vali in hiding

So,  henceforth, not to accuse Rama. He is the embodiment of justice and righteousness.

2. Why did Krishna marry 16000 ladies? 

Krishna, the wonder kid and the most lovable GOD is many times in for the wrong reasons. As a child he was always with girls, played pranks with them, danced the rasa lila with them.All these and many more. But many of our own people I mean the hindus, and ofcourse people of other religions, some of them who always wait to find fault with us take this as a good advantage. They see Krishna as a person who always romanced, and married 16000 ladies. Isn't this shameful for a GOD? And we as hindus won't have the inclination even to know the right reason as to why he married 16000 ladies.Is he so lustful? Well, before we answer or feel ashamed of our beloved lord, let us accept that what he has done is for good and that HE can never go wrong. HE is all beyond all emotions. He is the Paramatma and we are all Jeevatmas who need to harbour around him to attain moksha.

The reason for him always with young unmarrried ladies is this.

Married women think that they will be protected by their husbands. Old ladies believe that they will be looked after by their children. Little children think that they will be sheltered by their parents. It is the beautiful , unmarreid ladies who think that the LORD alone is their savior. They relish Krishna as their lover. There is an unconditional love and total surrender in their hearts. And Krishna is a puppet in those hands who completely surrender to him, who do sharanagati to HIM.

Coming to the reasoning for marrying 16,100 girls.

Narakasura was a deadly demon. He had terrified the devas and had bought 16100 maidens from the earth and had kept them captive in his kingdom.It seemed impossible for the devas or other GODs to defeat this demon. It was Krishna along with satyabhama who fought against Naraasura and killed him. Now, the climax. Having freed the 16,100 maidens from this asura, who would be willing to marry them. They have lived with an asura for sometime and however chaste they may be, will this world accept them? Is a man so generous to marry a lady who has lived with another man for sometime?. Even Rama had asked Sita to do agni pravesh to prove her chastity? Sita is a divine being (Now let us not point finger at Rama and make another mistake of accusing him for this act. He did it with reason). Were these maidens equal to Sita? They would perish if subjected to such tests. This is the reason the Lord took them all under HIS umbrella. They were 16,100 souls who were waiting to be one with the Lord. It was his greatness and mercy that he married these ladies and gave them a status in this world. HE is purity personified. HE is the ParaBrahmam, the one who has no attachment to anything or anyone of his creations.

HIS purity of existence also proved as follows. When Uttara, the daughter-in-aw of Arjuna and the wife of abhimanyu, gave birth to parikshit,  he was born as a black mass. Thoug he was protected by the sudarshan chakra of the Lord, the deadly weapon disposed by Ashwattama had burnt the child. It was then that Krishna pronounced that "If he were a true brahmachari, the child would arise". And Lo!!!..the child rose and lived to be one of our country's able administrator. What more proof does one need to realise that Krishna is beyond lust, infatuation etc.

So, next time, if someone charges him of polygamy, let us be bold enough to clear the mis-conception. At the outset, let us answer and accept these facts within ourselves.



  1. Thank you for your clarification.jai ram.jai Krishna.

  2. In Ravana`s case, Rama gave so much of warnings to surrender that too for a greater sin of capturing his own wife. In Valis case there seem to be no warnings.. Is that right? If yes. why?

  3. In Vali's case, Tara , his wife gives several warnings and justifications about fighting with sugreeva a second time. She is more shrewd that vali and reasons about why would sugreeva come to fight a second time and having lost the first time, with what boldness he came to fight for a second time. But vali doesn't listen to her. Regarding why Rama didnt give warnings to him, i can consult and answer. It is a good question.